Simplifying Programmatic Buying through

Digital advertising is all about using data to find and evaluate new opportunities, but how do you ensure you have the pieces in place to find new options when you need them?

Can you easily and objectively compare inventory from multiple programmatic platforms at a glance?

Do you have established resources in place, but still find yourself looking for ways to be a better partner for your client?

Erin Rosiak and Tina Stevens from Kantar Media as they show you how to evaluate inventory from multiple marketplace and ad tech inventory partners, view pricing in an objective, transparent resource, and begin the path to purchase – all from within your SRDS Media Planning Platform subscription.

Whether you are already deeply involved in the programmatic ecosystem, just getting started exploring the landscape, or somewhere in between – this informative 30 minute webinar will introduce you to essential tools and resources you can integrate into your digital programmatic toolkit.