SRDS Training Videos

Available Videos: 
  1. Overview
  2. SRDS Print Magazine Resources
  3. SRDS Local Resources
  4. SRDS Digital Resources
  5. SRDS for Direct Marketing
  6. Claritas 360
  7. Creating reports in SRDS

Overview (2 minutes, 35 seconds) 
Welcome to SRDS! 



SRDS Print Magazine Resources (4 minutes, 52 seconds) 
Business Publications (including the healthcare titles) and Consumer Magazines.



SRDS Local Resources (6 minutes, 49 seconds) 
Newspapers, TV/Cable, Radio, and Out of Home.



SRDS Digital Resources (6 minutes, 55 seconds) 
Websites and programmatic opportunities, digital networks and ad tech companies.


SRDS for Direct Marketing (5 minutes, 8 seconds) 

The SRDS Direct Marketing List Source is a database of over 70,000 list rental opportunities spanning the US, Canada and International markets.



Claritas 360 (10 minutes, 47 seconds) 
Claritas 360 is a resource that can help you better understand both the demographic make up of your market as well as the consumer behaviors in your market.



Creating reports in SRDS (3 minutes, 27 seconds) 
The Reports functionality provides a quick and easy way to tag and export media properties into an Excel spreadsheet for future use and reference.