Integrated Print & Digital Promotion: 2021 Trends and Insights

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Promotion Insights from Kantar 

Knowing how brands are investing and messaging to stand out from the competition has never been more important. Kantar’s connected media intelligence can help you master the changing media landscape with unrivaled data assets, pioneering technology, and long-established expertise. With these powerful advertising insights, we have analyzed promotion trends from 2021 to predict where the industry is headed.

2021 Year End Highlights

In 2021, year-over-year decreases in print promotion activity slowed to -12.4% with 159 billion print coupons dropped. At the same time, digital activity increased significantly - up 13.3% to 8.7 billion estimated prints.



Overall print Weighted Average Face Value (WAFV) increased +$0.22 from $2.36 to $2.58, while overall digital incentives decreased -$0.12 from $1.90 to $1.78.


Following an explosion of Digital Rebate activity in 2020, rebate programs decreased -24.7% to 800 million estimated prints in 2021.


2,219 new products
were captured in 2021 with 90% first seen in digital. 73% of all new products were in Food.