Welcome, Mirren Live attendees!

As a gift to our friends attending Mirren Live, competitive-category-report-cover-1we're offering a complimentary Competitive Category Report. Rich with insights into paid brand activity, this report highlights top advertisers in your category across all media as well as showcasing the creative effectiveness of their recent ads.

For an insider's view of who's making an impact in your client's market, simply submit this form with your desired category, and someone will reach out to you shortly. 


Building the Agile Agency

Disruption demands agility. Kantar helps you stay ahead of the curve.

At Kantar, we understand what you need to continually improve effectiveness, stay agile and generate new growth. That’s why our flagship automated solutions for Competitive Advertising Intelligence are intuitive and purpose-built, so you can quickly understand your competitive advertising ecosystem and act with agility.

With real-time media and creative intelligence at your fingertips, you can easily answer competitive questions faster than you ever thought possible: 

  • Where are our competitors advertising and what messages are they using across channels?
  • How are competitors rebalancing their creative messaging across linear, digital and streaming video ads?
  • Is our creative execution for this product as impactful as our top 3 competitors? Do we lead in awareness?

Kantar combines the best of automation and AI technologies with world-class expertise to deliver consumer, brand and advertising insights at exactly the right time, without compromise.