Agile AI-powered solutions
deliver competitive ad insights
in moments

Why wait to understand and act on new competitive ad campaigns? Quickly determine what ads competitors are running with real-time 360-degree views into media and creative intelligence.

HubSpot Video

Kantar's on-demand platform enables you to easily compare your ad creative, investment and quality to your self-identified competitive set.

Advertising Insights
  • View competitive activity and advertising spend across streaming, traditional, and digital channels
  • View creative placement & assets
  • Understand your competitors' advertising strategy
  • Identify category change drivers

Kantar's flagship solution for Competitive Ad Intel can help you understand the competitive advertising ecosystem and act with agility.

With real-time media and creative intelligence at your fingertips, you can easily answer questions like these faster than you ever thought possible: 

  • Where are our competitors advertising and what messages are they using across channels?
  • What should our minimum advertising investment be to compete in this category? To lead?
  • How are competitors rebalancing their creative messaging across linear, digital and streaming video ads?
  • Where do we pivot our messaging to resonate with our targets in specific media channels?

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