Advertising Monitoring & Evaluation

Advertising Monitoring & Evaluation


We enable our clients to make informed decisions on media and marketing strategies by measuring advertising activities by spend, creative, channel and type of  media, both on and offline.

We provide the media industry with the competitor intelligence to understand their share of voice, shape their campaigns, optimize planning and drive sales. Leading agencies, advertisers and media owners all use our data to create more effective plans, to enhance campaign performance and for alerts about what competitors are doing.

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Expenditure & Occurrence

We are the worldwide leader in advertising and expenditure monitoring. We track the largest range of media, across more than 20 traditional and digital channels, with the most comprehensive product categories and the most accurate rate information. This information provides a very clear picture of which brands have what share of voice. Find out more

Creative Monitoring

Our creative monitoring services provide practical intelligence on how competitors are positioning their offers and what messages they are using in the marketplace. This informs the creative treatment and messaging for specific campaigns and general trends. Find out more.

Ad Verification

We enable our clients to make informed decisions on media and marketing strategies by measuring advertising activities by spend, creative, channel and media, both on and offline. Find out more.

Political Ad Monitoring

Our Campaign Media Analysis Group (Kantar/CMAG) delivers real-time, accurate information on where TV ads are airing, what they say, how much is being spent, and the actual creative for viewing. Find out more.

Healthcare Research

Healthcare marketers, agencies and media companies rely on our data to understand and effectively reach medical professionals and healthcare consumers. Find out more.


Expenditure and occurrence data to inform strategy


Know what’s happening in the media landscape and what competitors are doing – to make better advertising decisions.

Our advertising occurrence and expenditure service monitors hundreds of millions of ads each year. We capture ads across more than 20 traditional and digital media channels, classify them by product, brand and category, and report on day part, ad network, format, length and more.

Media buyers can use our insights to determine competitors’ share of voice and identify their overall media plans, while media sellers can identify prospects and improve their pitches.

Our clients can access this rich data through a variety of reporting tools, depending on their preferences, from deep dives to at-a-glance dashboards and email alerts. We enable them to make cross media analysis, whether television, radio, out of home, print or digital. Analysis can be run at a macro, or industry, level all the way down to individual products.


We help: 
  • Brands and media agencies learn how their campaigns are performing and where they stand against the competition
  • Media and communications agencies create more effective and efficient media plans and create better campaigns
  • Media sellers identify prospects, understand client media strategies and create a more compelling value proposition compared with competitors
  • We can also be used to help brands monitor how campaigns are delivered locally and ensure they are rolled out correctly.

We are committed to pioneering new and emerging technologies. Our service sets the standard in digital media as well as traditional broadcast, print and out-of-home. We were the first to track both mobile and online video. Our proprietary display measurement technology gathers data from several sources to achieve unprecedented accuracy in ad expenditure assessment.

Creative monitoring to shape strategy and message

Understand how competitor brands are positioning themselves and what messages they are using to help hone creative messaging and strategies.

We monitor more than four million brands a year, and we can provide near real-time alerts on new creatives and campaigns along with deeper insights across millions of brands.

Our database of ad creatives shows exactly what messages consumers are receiving. Clients can quickly view creatives for more than 20 media platforms by category, advertiser, brand, product and more.


We go beyond standard classifications with deeper attribution coding conducted by our team of analysts, to spell out the themes and messages each ad includes. We can also run separate research to help clients truly understand specific campaign themes and messaging.

With our insights, clients can shape their advertising strategies and make them more effective. They can do this because we show how much emphasis specific messages, themes and offers are getting in other advertising, based on the spend and occurrence information we gather.

We help:
  • Brands and advertisers understand what messages are being used in the marketplace and to see if they are standing out
  • Creative agencies develop breakthrough creative concepts and campaigns that are well-positioned against competitors and past campaigns
  • Media owners to better understand client and prospect strategies and messages, so they can pitch more effectively based on the audiences advertisers are targeting.
Combining infrastructure that’s been refined over many years with continual investment in innovation, we deliver reliable insights at the fast pace they are needed. New creatives are available within hours or same-day for most key media, and delivered in high-resolution formats that convey full details.

Ad verification for clear, accurate and timely information

Knowing if, where and when campaigns ran makes the true return on investment easier to understand.

Gain a clearer understanding of how ad campaigns have performed with our ad verification services. We’ll confirm whether TV and radio ads ran across 210 U.S. and Canadian markets.

More accurate ROI
In order to know if a campaign has worked, you first need to know if your ads ran as planned. We can provide confirmation that ads were delivered within minutes of airing, saving advertisers and agencies significant time and effort over calling stations or manually inputting logs.

Informed decisions
With ad verification, advertisers can quickly assess whether campaigns are producing results, assess the overall direction of their campaigns and take action as a result.

Our services enable:

  • Brands and advertisers to understand whether their campaigns are effective
  • Media agencies to gain an important edge in negotiating future media buys
  • Agencies and advertisers to save time and gain efficiencies when monitoring their campaigns

These insights are delivered through advanced all-digital, HD-ready encoding technology, with reports that link directly and conveniently into popular media management software.

Political: fast, actionable advertising intelligence

Our Campaign Media Analysis Group (Kantar/CMAG) delivers real-time, accurate information on where TV ads are airing, what they say, how much is being spent, and the actual creative for viewing.

Kantar/CMAG experts provide clients with actionable insights that help inform their split-second decisions on whether and how to respond.

Campaigners, issue advocates and their media buying agencies can quickly identify what messaging opponents and allies are using. This enables them to create and target ads to counter attacks or to supplement friendly advertising activity.

For sellers of advertising, our data helps surface opportunities to gain share of wallet by identifying the political advertisers and illustrating the relevant audiences to pitch.

Our dedicated team of experienced analysts reviews each and every political ad, classifying them according to sponsor specifics, issues and other messaging trends, and tone. Kantar/CMAG works alongside our ad occurrence and expenditure service as well as using actual rates, providing volume and placement data, with spending estimates informed by real buys.

As the leading nonpartisan political advertising experts, Kantar/CMAG’s clients include candidates, PACs and parties at local, state and national levels, advocacy groups, specialist advertising agencies, analysts, academics and the media. They all draw on our expertise to understand what’s happening in the air.

Kantar/CMAG connects our clients to the wide variety of media monitoring capabilities that Kantar has to offer. In today’s 24/7 communications environment we recognize that it’s more necessary than ever to keep apprised of your coverage and profile across social media and mainstream news.

Kantar integrates social media and mainstream news in a single timeline, making it easier to identify and share relevant contacts, coverage, analysis and insights. With paid search, social media, digital media and our longtime television media monitoring, Kantar/CMAG is bringing new and needed solutions to the political space.

Reach consumer and professional healthcare audiences effectively

Healthcare marketers, agencies and media companies rely on our data to understand and effectively reach medical professionals and healthcare consumers.

We deliver actionable research to help clients develop marketing strategies, build more effective and cost-efficient media plans, better understand the complex landscape of OTC, DTC and professional health communications and succeed in a changing digital marketplace.

Audience Measurement & Insights
Clients make more effective marketing and communication decisions with a better understanding of the profiles, attitudes and behaviors, and media usage of their healthcare audiences. They trust our industry-leading syndicated research to document

  • 25+ physician specialties/other professional health audiences’ information sources, interactions with pharma, attitudes on advertising and promotion, journal readership, website and mobile usage
  • Consumers’ health & wellness, medical conditions, drug usage and interaction with medical professionals, lifestyle and demographics, health attitudes and behaviors, and much more—all tied to in-depth media usage data
Learn more about our audience measurement insights for healthcare.

Advertising Monitoring & Evaluation
Clients can view ad creative, and determine where healthcare, pharma and medical device companies advertise, what products they promote and how much they spend, across digital and traditional media channels.

Learn more about our advertising intelligence insights for healthcare.

Attitudinal & Behavioral Insights
Our clients rely on data from the annual MARS Consumer Health Study and related studies to understand U.S. consumer media consumption and their related opinions on health and wellness.

The Consumer Health Study is the only syndicated research of its kind, projectable to all U.S. adults and that tying ailments, pharma brands, attitudes about healthcare and other data to media usage.

Learn more about our attitudinal and behavioral insights for healthcare.